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Best Car Battery For Hot Weather in 2021

Best Car Battery For Hot Weather

Best Car Battery For Hot Weather

Imagine a bad parent, leaving children in a car on a hot day with 80oC to attend a meeting. Within a few minutes, the kids’ body temperatures will rise so high, and they could suffocate. Now, I’m not comparing, but if a hot climate could do that to a child, imagine what extreme heat does to the different parts of a car, such as the battery.  

How is it that some car batteries last longer in hot weather and others don’t? 

Well, the basics. 

If you’re into cars, you already know that batteries create the electricity necessary to power up the vehicle. Without it, you’ll have a beautiful immobile box that can serve as a mini home if you’re stranded. 

During the hot weather, the fiery temperatures do have adverse effects on how the battery generates power. The heat speeds up the rate of battery failure by damaging the structure. Thus, causing the cells to lose charge.  

To elaborate, excessive heat causes the surface of the battery to corrode. This interferes with the flow of electricity from the battery to the starter. That’s why there are higher reports of sudden battery failure during the summer/dry season than other seasons. 

To avoid unpleasant stories and the possibility of being stranded, it is essential that car owners perform routine checks on their car’s battery and replace the old ones with batteries that are adapted for the hot weather. 

You might ask “why can’t I clean off the corrosion from the surface of my old battery with baking soda and water?” 

Well, my friend, you’re only treating the symptoms. You forgot all about the disease. 

Best Car Battery For Hot Weather

Now, before I show you my handpicked list of brands you should go for, you should know the battery types that are perfect for hot weather: 

The first is the DEEP CYCLE battery. This battery type is ideal for small vehicles. It is strong and offers constant power for long drives compared to other types. If you have golf carts, recreational vehicles, and marine vehicles, this is the battery type you should get 

Next on the list is the LITHIUM-ION battery. A lot of vehicles on the road today use this battery type. Probably because they store a substantial amount of energy compared to other lead-acid batteries. However, the con to this battery is that it has a short life span, and you’ll need to invest in a new one every two or three years. 

Also on the list is the WET CELL battery. This battery type is one of the cheapest you can see at your dealer. It can also be referred to as a “flooded battery” because it contains liquid. Although economical, they require regular maintenance and are known to have a shorter lifespan than others. 

The last on the list is the AGM battery. I saved the best for last. The Absorbent Glass Mat battery is made up of a special fiberglass mat. This property absorbs electrolyte solutions and stores them in a dry state rather than the conventional liquid form. You risk the possibility of a spill for conventional batteries, but in AGM batteries, that won’t bother you. 

For the hot weather, AGM batteries can harness energy using the mesh of absorbent glass. This design makes them resistant to hot temperatures. 

That’s not all, though. 

Resistance to vibration

AGM batteries have a higher electrolyte-to-lead ratio as part of the design, which keeps them durable during the summer. Also, you know how vibrations can reduce the lifespan of batteries? Well, AGM batteries are much more resistant to vibrations than your everyday car battery. 

Now, we’ve explored the different types of batteries for the hot weather. We will look into the name brands that you should go for if you’re in the market for a new battery for the fun part. 

The brands listed above are trusted and are guaranteed to provide you and your ride with the kind of performance you seek. 

P.S  The Brand-name list was not arranged in any particular order and we hoped we helped you find the best car battery for hot weather.

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