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What Type of Battery Does My Car Need? Pick the right one

What Type of Battery Does My Car Need

What Type of Battery Does My Car Need

It saves a whole of stress and headache when you know the correct battery that your car needs. Trying to make a buying decision in an emergency is not a pleasant event. Therefore, you must know before the time the type of battery your car needs as this will save you from stress the day your battery needs a replacement.


Many car users have been confounded with this problem of ascertaining the best car battery for their cars. It is one thing to know that your battery needs replacement. However, it is another thing to know the exact type of battery you should purchase.

Knowing the best car battery replacement depends on several factors. If you are not sure of anything, your best bet is to ask a technician or check your vehicle manual to determine what is needed.


You should get the best deal for every penny you spend on the purchase of a new battery. That’s why you need to make the right decision when buying one.

When purchasing a new car battery, there are so many factors you should consider. These factors, when considered, will influence your buying decision, thereby helping you make the best decision. Some of these factors include:


Car batteries don’t have the same size. The size of your car will depend on the type of battery you will get. If a heavy truck, you should not get a battery that only works for scooters or boats. You will need a superior battery with incredible performance.
Also, if you use a modern vehicle, you will need a powerful battery to service all electronics in the car.

How To Pick The Right Battery For Your Car


This is another factor that will help you determine the type of battery to purchase. The cost of batteries differs depending on make and model, features, and functionality.
If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you should only search for batteries within your budget.
Although you may have to bear the grunt as they might not have an impressive performance like the ones with a high price. However, you can still get a great battery, depending on your budget.



There is a deep cycle or starting battery. The type of vehicle you use and your driving habit are significant factors you must consider before selecting the type of battery technology to purchase.

For instance, starter batteries produce great power to start an engine, but this only lasts for a short time. After this, the battery needs to be recharged with the use of an alternator. This type of battery is not equipped to withstand constant discharge/recharge cycles.

While the deep cycle battery produces superior power for a longer time, for instance, if you like using all electronics in the car when driving, a deep cycle battery is your best bet. This is because this battery produces the right energy to power all the electronics in the vehicle.
Unlike starter batteries, deep cycle batteries can be charged and recharged consistently without negatively influencing the battery life.


The Cold Cranking Amps is another major factor you must consider, primarily when you reside in high cold regions. The CCA shows the ability of the battery to power a car in extremely cold conditions. Cold weather generally affects the battery’s ability to power a car.

The CCA indicator lets you know the ability of the battery to power a car in severe cold conditions. Also, it reveals the level of power the battery can sustain for 30 seconds if the temperature is at zero-degree. The higher the CCA, the higher the ability of the battery to start the car in cold conditions.


You must not make the mistake of not checking the Reserve capacity of the battery. It determines how long the battery can last without being charged. When the battery alternators fail to work, a battery with impressive RC will save the day. Therefore, ensure the Reserve capacity of the battery is top-notch.


Just before you purchase a new battery, ask for its warranty. Certain products offer at least a three-year replacement warranty. So, if the battery is faulty within this year, you can get a new one.


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