How To Recondition a Car Battery in 3 easy steps

A device or machine can work for several hours, days, months, or years without repairs, provided the battery is still in good condition. Sad enough, once the battery life is affected, a user has no choice but to change the battery to continue using the machine. More often than not, the battery is usually the first part of a machine to develop fault because it is a shoulder that houses any machine’s workload.  

If you own a car, laptop, remote, or any device that runs on battery, you must have experienced several battery breakdowns. And in most cases, you are forced to buy another battery if you want to continue using the machine. Sadly, getting a new battery is not as cheap either. It cost a lot to get a battery, depending on the type of device you own. If you own a car, the average amount you will spend on getting a new battery is around $50 to $150.  

Meanwhile, depending on how much you use your car, you are most likely to change its battery more often than you service it. And because these batteries are not rechargeable, you are most likely to condemn them once they are broken. Some people have spent so much on getting a new battery than they did in getting a car.  

What if you know that there is a way to recondition your broken or spoilt battery? Instead of buying a new battery all the time, there is a way to repair it for continuous use.  

Why You Should Consider Repairing Spoilt Battery

As against the general belief that once a battery is spoilt, it has to be changed, there is a way to repair the spoilt battery and get them back to life. However, most people will still want to settle for buying a new battery instead of repair because they feel better or safer. We will highlight several reasons why you should consider repairing a spoilt battery.  

It saves money

When you consider the economic benefit of repairing a spoilt battery, you will discover that it is a great deal. Buying a new battery costs more than repair. To get a new battery, you would budget between $50 to $120, as the case may be. However, you would not spend up to that to restore the spoilt battery. Meanwhile, it will serve almost the same function as the new one.  

It Is Almost As Authentic

As against the belief that a reconditioned battery will not last for long, a repaired is eligible to have about 70% of a new battery’s strength. Instead of buying a new one, why not spend less to have something as authentic as a new one.  

It Is Easy To Do

When you hear a battery recondition, it raises concern about how a person without a DIY skill can make one without stress. If you are one of the persons who think repairing a battery is difficult, we are happy to announce that it is effortless to do and doesn’t stress out the individual.  

There are several batteries with a different set-up. For this review, based on popular demand, we will pick interest on a car battery and a laptop battery. We will highlight ways to recondition this type of battery.  

How To Recondition a Car Battery

Here is how to recondition a car battery

To recondition a car battery, you will need the following equipment: 

  • Distilled water 
  • Voltmeter 
  • Syringe 
  • Charger 

Step 1

Uninstall the battery from the car. Detach the rubber covering the caps. Right after, remove all the caps. Some car batteries may have up to six caps, and some may have more. Ensure you remove all.  

Step 2 

Fill the battery up with the distilled water. After filling it, plug the charger and recharge the battery. The battery caps must not be reinstalled during the stage. Charge the battery for about one hour. If everything is right within the space of an hour, you should notice bubbles in the battery’s holes.  

If you do not notice this hole, change the negative and positive wires. Halt for about two to three minutes. You should see the bubbles by now. Once you notice the bubbles, reverse the positive and negative wire back to its original state and charge the battery up for about 30 minutes.  

Step 3 

In the final step, you should replace the battery acid with a new one. That is optional, though. However, to get an optimal result, we advise that you change the battery acid. You can mix it with the distilled water. Charge the battery for about two hours, and you are good to go.  

Recondition A Laptop Battery

We know we are bit off topic here, but this also might be useful for you, so we will share it anyway. The laptop battery is a bit flexible. There are more than one ways to recondition a laptop battery. Although some of the methods are time-consuming, you will be glad you spent such time when you see the result.  

Meanwhile, it advisable that you do not attempt to use any of these methods for a new laptop battery as it will damage the battery and affect its overall performance.  

First Solution 

  • Uninstall the battery from the laptop and put it in a plastic bag.  
  • Put the plastic inside the freezer for about 12 hours straight.  
  • Once you bring out the plastic from the freezer, remove the battery from it.  
  • Reinstall it into the laptop and charge it until it is full. You should have a reconditioned battery.  

Second Solution 

The last solution method we will highlight deals with reducing the temperature of the laptop and its battery. To achieve this, you should get cooler. Put the computer on it with its battery safely installed in it. The cooler will reduce the laptop’s temperature, thereby allowing the battery to last longer than before.  

Take Away

There you have different ways of how to recondition a car battery. You should not have a panic attack anytime your car break down in the middle of the road due to a spoilt battery. You know a better way to repair spoilt batteries for long-lasting use. Adopt the method explained for your car or laptop battery.


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