Does AutoZone Charge Batteries for Free?

Many people want to know does AutoZone charge batteries for free. At some point or another, it’s sure to happen to every driver: you accidentally leave your dome light on from not shutting the car door entirely or maybe you leave your headlights on all night. The next morning, you wake up to discover that your car battery is completely dead. When this happens, you have two options: jumpstarting the car or charging the battery.

Jumpstarting can be done with the help of a couple of jumper cables and a friendly neighbor, but a dead battery always seems to happen when you are alone or late for work. Your first instinct is likely to turn to an auto shop such as AutoZone, hoping they can help, but paying an extra fee to get your car back on the road isn’t all that appealing.

Is It True That AutoZone Charge Batteries for Free?

When you go to AutoZone, free battery charge services are available to anyone regardless of the reason for the drained battery. All you have to do is take in the battery, so they can place a quick charge unit inside of it. After this, it will only take about half an hour for the battery to reach a good charge so that you can be on your way again.

If you can’t get your battery out of the car because you aren’t sure where to find it on your vehicle model, you can get in touch with AutoZone for assistance with this. In these instances, they can send out a professional with a portable charging box who can take care of it for you. As long as you have an AutoZone store nearby, you don’t have to stress if you wake up to a drained battery as AutoZone Charge Batteries for Free.

AutoZone Charge Batteries for Free?
AutoZone Charge Batteries for Free?

What To Expect During AutoZone Free Battery Charge Servicing

While AutoZone is primarily used to buy auto parts, it has gained quite a good reputation for its customer service. This is due in part to the services they offer, including free battery charging. Your battery will be inspected and removed in order to be charged. As mentioned, you can expect it to take some time to charge up. You can choose to wander around the store and look at the products they have to offer or head to a nearby cafe and get some lunch, and by the time you make your way back, the battery should be ready to go.

This quick, in-and-out free battery charging is only one of the services offered at AutoZone. You can get your car battery tested other times to keep track of how much life it has left or see if it needs to be replaced soon. Having AutoZone test your battery can be a step toward preventing the battery from dying on you suddenly and necessitating a trip to AutoZone when you have to be at work in fifteen minutes.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Dead Car Battery

You can expect to wait at least half an hour for your battery to charge up but we can’t tell you exact time. The batteries are not dead the same way. There are few different things which will determine how dead battery is. If you want to learn more, you can read our article How Long Does It Take to Charge a Dead Car Battery?

But, the most important thing is that you don’t need to charge the battery completely to be able to start you car again. If you will drive for some time after initial charging, your battery will start to charge itself while driving. The good news is that AutoZone have Duralast® Fast Charger that can charge most automotive batteries in about 30 minutes.


If you end up with a dead battery just call AutoZone assistance to come and help you, or you can take the dead battery directly to AutoZone by yourself as Autozone charge batteries for free.

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