Best Group 34 Battery: Our 5 picks for 2022!

Looking for the best group 34 battery in 2022? You’ve come to the right place. Primarily used in automotive, industrial, marine and off-the-grid applications, group 34 batteries are a common category of cells. They are used in the way of dual-purpose, starting and deep cycle batteries in such industries. Group 34 batteries are powerful cells that are medium-large in size. They tend to provide around 750-90 CCA and have a 20-hour capacity within the range of 50-75 Ah. These batteries provide excellent starting and cranking traits as well as a great deep cycle recovery and a high number of charge and discharge cycles.

Below, we’ll list five of the best group 34 batteries for your consideration.

Candidates For The Best Group 34 Battery

We are starting our countdown with the Banshee battery and ending with the our best pick. Find out below…

5. Banshee Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion Dual Terminal RV Battery With Emergency Start 800CCA Group Size 34

The Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion Dual Terminal RV Battery is an ultra-lightweight battery that is perfect for RV, fishing, sailing or general boating applications. Thanks to its high-power battery management system, the battery remains protected from being discharged, overcharged or short circuiting. It boasts a built-in LED voltage indicator, so you can always be aware of the charge level of your battery at a glance, while dual marine copper posts increase the battery’s ability to start up.

4. Odyssey Battery 34-790 Battery

The Odyssey Battery 34-790 Battery has been specially designed to handle the needs of the increase in the number of accessories found in modern vehicles. This high-powered battery brings together deep cycle capabilities, high reliability and a long service life to provide a battery you can count on for many applications. Its strength, resiliency and durability make it easy for you to start it up even in extreme temperatures in the summer and winter.

3. Interstate Batteries Automotive Battery 12V 63Ah

With the Interstate Batteries Automotive Battery 12V 63Ah, you can enjoy a battery life that is two to three times longer than standard lead alloy AGM batteries. With its true deep cycling abilities and reliable cranking mechanism, this battery offers 400 cycles at 80 percent DOD while binging out 40 percent more power to support five-second cranking. The Pure Matrix inclusion offers premium battery life and plenty of power for both your accessories and for starting the vehicle.

2. Delphi BU9034 MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery

The Delphi BU9034 MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery provides extended cold cranking amps that give you more starting and accessory power, meeting the demands of the many electronics in modern vehicles. It offers 20 times the vibration resistance of a standard battery, helping to extend its already long life. Alongside this resistance, it also features fortified posts, welds and straps to make it even more durable. It’s housed within high-quality corrosion-resistant material.

1. ACDelco 34AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 34 Battery

With the negative paste and enhanced silver calcium stamped alloy, this ACDelco 34AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 34 Battery boasts extended battery life and heightened performance. The calcium lead positive grid promises low resistance while also maximizing the overall conductivity for more efficient performance. The unique vent cap design resists any acid leakage, while the puncture-resistant envelope separator increases the acid’s ability to properly circulate through the battery.


Group 34 batteries are widely used in a number of dual-purpose, deep cycle and starting applications in a variety of situations. It’s not easy to pick the best one as there are lot of different models on the market. We hope you found this article useful and that we helped you to find the best group 34 battery. If you have other suggestions, please let us know in the comments below. Thank you!


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